Some dishes of Café Charlot
· Eggs “organic” : The omelet of Café Charlot | Poached eggs Benedictine | Norwegian poached eggs

· Pasta : Royans small ravioli with cream | Penne with scallops, spicy tomato sauce

· Sandwiches : Club sandwich with chicken | Smoked salmon sandwich club | Bagel with smoked salmon | Croque young man | Croque girl

· Hamburger «Café Charlot» : Cheeseburger, french fries | Bacon cheeseburger | Chicken burger, sage cheddar| Salmon burger, Roman, Bearnaise | Doublecheese | Madame burger

· Dishes : Just a bar fillet and green beans | Filet of Saint Pierre with curry | Escalope of salmon with sorrel | Beef tartar in our own way | Creamy risotto chicken fillet | etc …

Great selection of sorbet and ice cream from the house Berthillon, the best glacier in the world.

Tasting classic and original cocktails.