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Extraordinary Food At Unbeatable Prices


We want to ensure that the food one is consuming are safe and organic.

Fresh Juices Squeezed Daily!

Hand squeezed fresh juices can give you morning the right level of energy boost.

Hand Crafted Drinks & Food

The food and drinks that you consume at Cafe Charlot Paris is especially designed to be specific to our cafe.

Best Place to Hang Out With Friends

Want a classy place where you and friends can unwind their daily stress. We have a seat for you.

  • We Truly Care About Our Guests
  • We Have Plenty of Options to Please Everyone in Your Party
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Daily Fresh Menus

We have some of the most fresh produce to ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Authentic Cuisine

Can allow you taste Paris sitting in a cafe with a spoon of flavours that comes straight out of the streets.

Amazing Customer Service

If you any complains or issues regarding our cafe. Our customer service can help solve them.

What’s Happening

Things a Great Coffee Shop Must Have

Mouth-watering Coffee

Be that as it may, the main thing any café ought to have is excellent espresso—everything else ought to follow. You shouldn’t open a café and tout having a marvellous smoothie range. Creating incredible espresso implies fresh roasting and granulating just as appropriate blending and learning of what to search for taste-wise.

The Right Equipment

On the off chance that you have the best espresso beans broiled and ground to flawlessness (as we do at The Roasterie), preparing in an excellent old Mr Espresso percolator will do fine and dandy. It won’t be productive; you need gear that can take into consideration volume. With regards to coffee machines, it’s best not to hold back.

Coffee Shop Environment

What do you imagine when you think about your bistro? Do you need a cutting edge, youthful feel? Or on the other hand, do you need something all the warmer and welcoming? These are questions must be replied before you open your coffeehouse’s entryways. Make sense of what feeling you need to set. The vibe will establish the pace and can draw in specific cliental.

Comfortable, Cozy Furniture

Remain and work or get and go—whatever vibe you feel your coffeehouse needs; your furniture will direct that to your clients. Standard tables and seats state “request your espresso to go!” Comfortable sofas state “remain for some time, unwind appreciate another cup”.


What’s the ideal supplement to espresso? It’s not a doughnut—it’s WiFi! So it is fundamental to have a decent consistent association for your benefactors to interface with. Truth be told, giving fast WiFi will make them remain somewhat more!


There’s nothing more awful than going into your preferred café with no electrical outlets accessible. When structuring your fantasy café, believe openness to electrical outlets to be a need.

Extraordinary Menu Options

Shockingly, not every person that strolls through your entryway will be an espresso consumer! So think about different approaches to address their issues—give a wide assortment of breakfast choices like smoothies, cakes, or tea assortments.

Mark Coffee Drinks

Regardless of whether it’s making your very own mix or coming up with a production of your one of a kind, you need something that clients can get from you. Make your mark espresso drinks novel to you and your coffeehouse—individuals love the customized touch.

coffee cafe


There are a vast number of mixes for espresso beverages, and it appears everybody has their very own particular way they like their espresso. So to address the issues of your clients, it is essential to have a wide range of sorts of milk, beans, garnishes and enhanced syrups.


As a matter of first importance, it’s essential to recollect that your bistro is a business. Although it might begin as a meaningful venture, no “leisure activity” should drive you into a liability. An ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from liability is by running in the most cost-proficient path conceivable, without relinquishing quality.