If for years you have looked for a decent job and you are not getting it due to your felony, then it might be high time that you consider starting to venture into a business of your own. Many of the felons have done that and became their own bosses and are successfully operating their small businesses in various sectors. Jobs for felons might be scarce but you can make yourself profitable.

There are people who think that starting a profitable business might be something which could be complicated and unrealistic. They prefer to hang up on the company logo and name as all the other little details which are irrelevant. What matters most is the coming up with a product or service which ensure that other people will be able to get what they are looking for.

To get started, you only require some few things. Though it might sound shocking, all you need is a few things and you will get started in your business. And it will take the shortest time possible to start.

  • A good idea for business: There are various businesses which you can get started with while in the USA every year. So instead of looking for jobs for felons, it is important to note that, there are up to 30 million businesses on a small scale which are up and running. What it means is that:#1 : The competition is stiff in the small business world and thus, it is not somewhere where everyone is capable of surviving.
    #2 : There are many people doing it and thus, you can as well do it.

    One of the main keys to becoming successful is ensuring that you enter into a field which you have skills and already know. In the case before you did construction, then you can start a business in remodeling. If you don’t have any experience or skills which you think will be able to hold a solid base on the ground for a particular business, then you should just work for an industry which you like even if it means as an entry job. After working there for a few years, you can acquire skills to start your own business in the same line.

Location is another thing which determines success of your business. You need to be in a location where there are a lot of people with the potential to need your service or product. In case you want to open a convenience store but already there are big stores in the vicinity, and the town is small, then it is possible that you will not be able to make sales.

Small business ideas

Instead of looking for jobs for felons, here are some businesses which people who have felony convictions have started and achieved great success in them.

  • Roof repair and installation
  • Remodeling
  • Siding repair and installation
  • Handyman services
  • House painting both inside and outside
  • Landscaping
  • Masonry
  • Snow removal
  • Small appliances
  • Auto repair
  • Electronic repair
  • Food truck
  • Coffee shop
  • Dinner shop
  • Barbershop
  • Hair salon
  • Pet grooming
  • House cleaning services
  • Dry cleaning store


  • Website: In the modern world, a business will not be complete without having a website of its own. That is the place where your customers will get your phone numbers, your price, your service area and all the necessary information that they require. It will also be able to help potential customers who might be searching for your service or product online through search engines. The good thing is that it is very easy and affordable to set up a website.
  • Professional business cards: You will also need to have some business cards. On it, you will be able to list all the information and pass it around easily. The cards are affordable and cheap to make. You don’t have to come up with something fancy and just including your phone number, business name, website, and email address is enough information.
  • License: When you want to start a business after failing to secure jobs for felons, it is important that you ensure that everything is done correctly starting from the legal point of view especially remembering that, you have a criminal record.It means that you will have to register your business which you can easily do at the county or state clerk’s office. For purposes of tax, you might need to register an LLC and ensure that you have an operation that is legit, which people can trust.

    Depending on the type of business you are starting, you might require additional licenses, insurance, and permit. If you are unable to obtain the correct licensing, it is possible for your business to face serious state and federal penalties and it might be closed down before you even get established.

    For you to know what you need, it will be best if you speak with the clerk at your town hall. They are better placed to explain to you what you need and at the same time, provide the required forms which you will have to fill out.

  • Funding: Whatever business you want to start, you will require capital for it. But it doesn’t need to be a huge amount of money. You can start off with a modest investment of below $1000. This is money which you can save and then ask for gifts from family and friends or borrow a small loan.In case you want to start a bigger investment, you will have to work hard to ensure that you get enough funding. This could be in the form of a business grant or loan. But depending on the type of felony that you committed, you might be faced with a limitation on how much to apply for and who will be willing to lend you money.

    In case you find that it is hard for you to find the large amount of money which you are looking for in order to start your business, you can start small and then rise to the bigger enterprise you yearn to have.